Order lacquered glass

"Lacquered glass" is an article group in which the glass is provided with a lacquer layer on the back. Painted glass can be divided into "tempered painted glass" and "standard painted glass". Both types are available in standard colors and in RAL colors that you can specify yourself. Of course, the stock glass is cheaper than if you ordered a different color. Painted glass is available in normal clear glass, extra clear glass or satin glass (frosted glass).

AGC has a number of standard colors available from stock, in different product groups:

  • The normal unhardened lacquered glass is sold under the name "Lacobel" and the variant with safety film on the back under the name "Lacobel Safe". 25 standard colors are available. For now we only offer the "Safe" version on our website
  • The matte version is sold under the product name "Matelac", which will follow soon on the website
  • The hardened painted glass is sold under the name "Lacobel-T". This variant is resistant to heat from a gas stove (kitchen splashback) and is suitable for outdoor use as a table top, for example. 15 standard colors are available
  • The matte version is sold under the product name "Matelac-T", of which 4 colors are available, which will follow quickly on our website

In addition to the standard colors, you can also have glass painted to RAL color. This is the group "Tempered painted glass on RAL". The price is higher and the delivery time longer than the standard colors mentioned above. We will also add this group to our website at a later time.