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"Lacquered glass" belongs to a product category where a layer of lacquer is applied to the backside of the glass. Lacquered glass can be categorized as "tempered lacquered glass" and "non-tempered lacquered glass." Both types are available in standard colors as well as custom RAL colors of your choosing. You can obtain lacquered glass in clear standard glass, extra-clear glass, or frosted glass (satin glass).

The manufacturer AGC offers a variety of standard colors in stock, spanning across different product groups:

  • Lacobel: Non-tempered lacquered glass is available in 15 distinct colors.
  • Lacobel SAFE: Non-tempered glass with a safety film on its backside. AGC provides 9 standard colors for this type. By personally applying the film to the non-film variant, we offer a total of 24 colors with a safety film in our selection.
  • Matelac SAFE: Non-tempered frosted glass with safety film on the back. This product line offers only 1 standard color.
  • Lacobel-T: Tempered lacquered glass can withstand the heat from a gas stove (ideal for kitchen backsplashes) and is suitable for outdoor use, such as table tops. 9 standard colors are available in this line.
  • Matelac-T: Tempered frosted lacquered glass can also endure the heat from a gas stove (kitchen backsplash) and is suitable for outdoor use, such as table tops. This line offers 2 colors.

In addition to the standard colors, you have the option to have the glass lacquered in a RAL color. This falls under the category "Tempered Lacquered Glass in RAL Color." The cost is higher, and the delivery time is longer compared to the standard colors listed above. We will add this category to our website at a later time. If you're unable to wait and require this choice promptly, feel free to send us an email with the specifics, and we will provide you with a customized quotation. Reach us at: