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Custom-made safety mirrors

Looking for mirrors with a safety film on the back or a tempered mirror? And then preferably at your specified size? You can configure this yourself online and order it directly.

Safety mirrors are used when there is a significant risk of personal injury from glass breakage. Consider, for example, large mirrors, mirror walls for a gym, mirrors in a store, etc. If the mirror should break (for whatever reason), you do not want pieces of sharp mirror glass to fall down. Glass is already sharp, but mirror glass is just a bit sharper. There is a thin metal layer on the back of the mirror. If a mirror breaks, there is also a thin piece of metal on the sharp edge of the glass (short side). That is razor sharp and can cause unsightly cuts.

Which safety mirror do I choose?

You use the mirrors with a safety film for indoor situations. This type of mirror has a foil on the back and ensures that no pieces of mirror glass fall down in case of glass breakage, but that they stick together. If you choose a mirror with safety film, then preferably choose the 6 mm thick mirror. Unless you really cannot do otherwise because of, for example, the weight of the mirror. Mirrors with a safety film are available in the neutral color (standard mirror), grey mirror and the bronze mirror.

The tempered mirrors can be used both indoors and outdoors. But keep in mind that you always place this type of mirror in a frame. With this type of mirror there is no silver layer on the back, but a chrome coating on the front. This can be transparent in certain light conditions. It is therefore not possible to glue them with sealant or to use a blind mounting kit. Otherwise you could see the mounting materials through the glass. The tempered mirrors are also ideal for use as a garden mirror. A tempered mirror is 4 to 5 times stronger than unhardened glass, but will shatter into small chunks when glass breaks.

You can customize the safety mirrors below. You can choose a model and an edge finish. When assembling you can choose additional options such as mounting materials and maintenance products. The mirror configurator helps you put together your tailor-made safety mirror.


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