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With a blind mirror mounting set you can hang a mirror invisibly on the wall. The mounting set falls completely behind the mirror so you do not see it. There is 1.7 cm space between the wall and mirror, which makes the mirror appear to float. Handy if you want to place LED lighting behind it or place a mirror heater behind it.

Stick the self-adhesive plates on the back of the mirror, and screw the white caps and / or magnets onto the wall. Then you hang the mirror on the white caps. But watch out! You can definitely NOT use these sets on a mirror with a safety foil on the back. Mirrors (without safety film) supplied by us can be mounted with these blind mounting sets. We cannot guarantee whether the mounting set will adhere properly to your existing or elsewhere ordered mirror.

There are two versions: The extended "EM" version and the somewhat simpler "E" version. These are almost identical except for one difference. Below we briefly explain this difference.


Blind mounting kit, EM-version

In the "EM" version, two or three magnets provide additional adhesive power to the bottom (back) of the mirror. The magnets pull the mirror against the wall, making it extra sturdy. With this set you will have to drill 2 or 3 extra holes in your wall. But the mirror will then hang well.
If you have the option, we always recommend choosing the EM-version. But sometimes you cannot use this because of the extra drill holes needed and then the E-version is a good alternative. If you are going to use a mirror heating, we advise you to choose the "EM" version.


Blind mounting kit, E-version

With the "E" version there are no magnets, but these are "only" 2 or 3 foam spacer blocks so that the mirror only hangs on the white caps and leans against the foam spacer blocks at the bottom. With this version you need fewer drill holes in your wall, but the mirror will then dangle loose from the white disks.


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