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What are the costs for shipping?

To be able to give a good answer to this question, we have to make a distinction between the delivery of a glass order, parcel delivery and delivery to different countries.


The following applies to custom made glass and mirrors:

We are obliged to charge shipping costs up to an amount of € 500 incl. VAT (€ 413.22 excl. VAT). The delivery of (custom) glass items is carried out by special glass transport and the costs of this are considerably higher than the delivery of a normal parcel service. The shipping costs can also differ per ordered product and the region where it must be delivered; the range may differ per manufacturer, so that sometimes different delivery rates have to be charged. You can find the exact shipping costs of your order on the check-out page, just before you place the order. We try to keep these costs as low as possible for you. In general, the delivery costs for custom glass and mirrors are € 39.50.

For orders over € 500, we will bear the transport costs. The transport still costs us money, because our transporting company really does not deliver for free. But we give these transport costs away to you as an actual discount.

If you have also ordered mounting materials or other products with your glass order, then we will never charge more for shipping costs than the delivery rate for the custom glass.


For packages that we send ourselves:

The shipping rates for packages are very diverse. We use for products that we ship ourselves. These shipments can be divided as follows:


Within the Netherlands we deliver standard products through:

  • letterbox package: € 6.50
  • normal package up to 100 cm high: € 9.75
  • larger package up to 175 cm high: € 16.75
  • package with signature: € 10.25


We deliver standard products to Belgium through:

  • normal package up to 100 cm high: € 12.00
  • larger package up to 150 cm high: € 18.00


We deliver standard products to other countries within the European Union through:

  • normal packages up to 100 cm high: price varies per country, see the payment page for the applicable rate
  • larger package up to 150 cm high: price varies per country, see the payment page for the applicable rate


In the above rates we have not only included the shipping costs of, but also a small amount for collecting / packing your order and the packaging costs. Working hours, a box, bubble wrap, filling material and a shipping label are unfortunately not free for us either. By not including these costs in the product price, but by including them once in the shipping costs, you always pay a fair price for the product and for shipping at GlasBoertje. Because let's be honest; There really is no such thing as sending all orders for free .... The truck costs money, the driver also wants to be paid and the labor for collecting and packing is not free of costs. When companies shout out to "send all orders for free" then you still pay them back somewhere in a much higher product price .... It's just how you want to be fooled or tricked :-) ...


For packages that our suppliers send directly to you:

The shipping rates for packages are very diverse, each supplier works with its own carrier with whom they have certain price agreements. These prices also depend on the type of product, length and weight. Unfortunately, we cannot work out these rates for you on this page, but you can find them in the product page under the "more information" tab. And ultimately you can also find the correct shipping costs on the payment page, just before you place the order.


Are there any costs if I collect an order?

It sounds a bit strange, but there may also be some costs involved. We buy our glass from a number of glass manufacturers who have the necessary machines to make beautiful products. The production prices are excluded with the costs for shipping or pick-up. Sending glass obviously costs money; there will have to be a car with a driver and those costs will be calculated. But there are also costs involved with picking up your purchase. At the pick-up location, the delivered goods must be selected and prepared, some space has been made available for pick-up orders, someone will have to receive you, the order must be found, the products must be transferred and the order must be further processed administratively. All together, these efforts take quite some time, and no matter how annoying we find it, we have to pass these costs on to you.

Because the pick-up locations do not have everything in stock, some items are still sent to you by parcel service. Or it is ordered separately for you from the manufacturer.
Suppose you want to pick up custom made glass and a bottle of glass cleaner in Oosterhout; the glass is in Oosterhout but the glass cleaner is not in stock there. We will then have to send this from 's-Hertogenbosch by parcel post to your home address or to the location in Oosterhout. We therefore incur extra transport costs for this, which we unfortunately have to pass on to you.
It is also possible that you order something for pick-up that we have to order specially from the manufacturer; then we have to pay shipping costs to our supplier for this order. We must also charge these costs.

And because we work with different manufacturers, we also have to deal with different collection rates. We could then say: "we make all prices equal", but then you sometimes pay more than necessary, but we don't want that. That is why we use different collection rates.

You can find the collection costs on the payment page. There you can choose from the different pick-up locations with associated costs. This will usually amount to around 5 to 7 euros per order. So this is all pretty reasonable.


Are administration costs or other costs charged?

Of course we try not to burden you with all kinds of unnecessary costs, but sometimes we cannot avoid it. For example; if you were to place an order for custom glass of eg € 15.00 incl. VAT, we unfortunately have to calculate some costs for this, we call this a "small order surcharge". Processing your order (from invoicing to delivery / collection) takes a certain amount of time and effort. And you can understand that with a sales price of € 15, - incl. VAT for custom made glass or mirrors, we can never get it profitable. If you would only order custom made glass or mirrors that would cost under € 30, we unfortunately have to charge € 7.50 "small order surcharge". If we did not do this, we would not have to accept custom orders for glass and mirrors under € 30. But with that we block the order option and that is not the intention. Because of course you have to be able to order something you need, despite the possible additional cost due to, for example, the small order surcharge. Then you can always decide whether you find this acceptable or whether you want to place your order somewhere else.

This small order surcharge only applies to custom made glass and mirrors with a total product value under € 30, - including VAT. Any shipping costs are not within the the mentioned € 30,-.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about this.