Muntin bar tape

Discover high-quality muntin bar tape offers perfect muntin bar tape for effortlessly attaching bars or muntin bars to glass surfaces. Whether you're an experienced craftsman or a passionate DIY enthusiast, our premium tape makes it easy to add a classic look to your windows and doors.


What is muntin bar tape used For?

Muntin bar tape allows you to adhere bars or muntin bars to glass surfaces, enabling you to create optical divisions on your glass. Our tape not only serves as a sturdy base for glazing compound but also provides a durable connection that withstands various influences.

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What is muntin bar tape, and how is it used with Wienersprossen?

Muntin bar tape is a double-sided PE foam tape used to attach wooden muntin bars to insulated glass with Wienersprossen. This allows you to create the appearance of a grid division on a single sheet of glass, making it look like the window consists of multiple small panes.


How do I apply muntin bar tape to windows with Wienersprossen?

To apply muntin bar tape to windows with Wienersprossen, ensure that the glass is clean and dry. Place the wooden muntin bars in the desired locations on the glass and secure them with the muntin bar tape. Press firmly to ensure a strong bond between the bars and the glass.


What are the benefits of using muntin bar tape for windows with Wienersprossen?

Using muntin bar tape o...

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