Standard clear glass

You can purchase normal clear glass at our webshop. This standard clear glass is also called "clear float glass". This name comes from the glass production process. Liquid glass "floats" on a tin bath. This provides a smooth finish when the glass cools and gets its shape.

Clear glass has a greenish hue, you see this mainly on the end of the glass. Normally this colour does not stand out unless you pay extra attention. This color is caused by iron oxides in the glass. The thicker the glass, the more iron oxides it contains, the greener the glass looks. 15 mm thick glass will therefore look greener than 6 mm thick glass. If you do not want this, extra clear glass is also available. But given the substantial additional cost, it is wise to consider whether this is really necessary.

This type of glass is basically used for almost everything else you know. Such as insulating glass, it is the basis for patterned glass, the basis for laminated glass, the basis for tempered glass (tempered glass is used to make shower doors, shower walls, table tops, etc.), the basis of painted glass etc. etc.

Applications: Interior (indoor use) such as protection on tabletop, glazing in interior doors, as skylight and in partition walls. Outdoor use: for greenhouse construction, for example.

Safety: Due to increasingly strict safety standards, normal glass often does not meet the requirements. Safety glass is increasingly being used, such as laminated glass or tempered glass.


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