Stainless Steel glass clamps (AISI316)

Stainless Steel glass clamps (AISI316)

These stainless steel glass clamps are suitable for mounting glass in outdoor situations (indicated by AISI316). Outdoor applications include the use of windscreens, terrace screens, privacy screens between balconies, and for balustrades.

Stainless Steel Clamps for Flat Mounting

These glass clamps are used for mounting on a flat surface such as a rectangular post and/or pole, wall, ceiling, or floor. This will be the case in most situations.

Stainless Steel Clamps for Round Tube

There are also situations where you want to mount a glass clamp on a round tube or post. It's aesthetically pleasing to use a glass clamp that matches the curvature of the tube. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the clamp, enhancing both its strength and load-bearing capacity, as well as its appearance.

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