Safety glass

Safety glass is increasingly important. You expect a safe environment where you can move freely and do not want to worry about whether something is safe or unsafe. Or your are suddenly confronted with an unsafe situation. There are sufficient possibilities to create a safe environment with the use of glass.

Several types of safety glass are available, each with its unique properties. The most famous are "tempered glass", "laminated glass", "tempered-laminated glass". Less well-known is "installation glass", "burglar-resistant glass" and "fire-resistant glass". There are also more specific types such as "bullet-resistant glass", "explosion-proof glass" and "lead glass" (the latter being used to block harmful X-rays). We limit ourselves on the website to the most common types for normal situations.

Laminated glass: This is laminated glass, composed of 2 or more glass plates, connected with 1 or more clear or transparent PVB films. Laminated glass ensures that in the event of glass breakage, the glass will stick together and that there will be no hole in the glass.

Tempered glass: This is normal glass that has undergone a heat treatment. This makes it 4 to 5 times stronger than unhardened glass. In case of glass breakage, the glass will break up into small pieces, so you cannot cut yourself on large pieces of sharp glass. This glass is similar to the side window of your car. This is mainly used as glass wall, shower enclosure, glass in interior doors, table tops, glass shelves etc.

Installation glass: This is tempered glass with an all-in price for up to 5 recesses for glass fittings such as clamps, hinges and door handles. This glass is supplied with standard polished edges. Installation glass is always used for glass revolving / sliding doors and shower doors / enclosures.

Tempered-Laminated Glass: This is a combination of tempered and laminated glass. This gives you the strength of tempered glass and the fall-through protection of laminated glass. This glass is mainly used for railings or stair separations.

Burglar-resistant glass: This is laminated glass with a specific composition that gives it a certain security resistance and that it belongs in the corresponding security class. This type of glass has the characteristic that it has burglar-resistant properties. Very useful for use in shops with expensive goods (jewelers, designer fashion, high-end electronics) or in homes with an increased burglary risk.

Fire resistant glass: This glass is composed to withstand high temperatures and create safe spaces. Think of public buildings where there is an escape route, a stairwell, a flat / office where fire can spread between floors, etc. This is very specific glass and the correct application is very close.