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Order Glass Fitting Materials

Mounting Materials

There are a lot of mounting materials available in the glass area. There are many product catalogs of hundreds of pages with all kinds of clips, screws, profiles, hinges, locks, sliding door systems, system walls, ball rail profiles etc. too many to mention and certainly too many to put online. Thanks to our good contacts with a number of suppliers and importers, we can supply most of the assembly materials. We are still busy supplementing the assortment on the website. Please contact us if you can not find something. There is a huge chance that we can deliver it, provided that renowned quality brands in the field of professional (customized) glass solutions.

NB. this does NOT apply to the brand-specific materials that are used, for example, in ready-to-use shower doors from, for example, Hüppe, Novellini, Sphinx etc. etc. They have their own products for their total solution. You will not find these materials with us but must purchase them from them. TIP: Before purchasing, inform the availability of replacement materials after 5 years :-).

Order Good Quality Mounting Materials

We only supply recognized quality brands and no Chinese unbranded imitation materials or DIY solutions. Because of this you may think that some products are expensive. But believe us, you have nothing to do if you install a shower door where the hinges will break in 2 years and you can no longer get replacement hinges.

And we get this question from customers every week; "my shower door hinge has been broken, can I order a new one?". This often turns out to be a brand-less product or construction market materials. This kind of unbranded and inexpensive mounting materials make you very happy with the purchase, but if it turns out that you have to order a new glass door because of the specific glass cutout you will really lose your savings..

Fortunately, we can also regularly make people happy who years ago have opted for quality and that even after 12 years, the same hinge can be reordered that fits without problems on their existing door.


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