Hardware; mounting materials for glass

Hardware is a large group with different products for mounting glass. Glass can be used in very diverse ways and every situation requires a different mounting method. A glass plate as a shelf support requires different mounting materials than a shower enclosure. And a sliding glass door needs different fittings than a glass revolving door. And then you have the different materials; Stainless steel for outdoor use is of a different quality than stainless steel for indoor use and for the shower you often have basic materials such as Zamac and brass. And then you also have the different finishes; you often have the standard finishes such as aluminum, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, shiny chrome and matt chrome. In addition, there are contemporary colours such as matte black, shiny black and shiny gold. And these change with the trends over the years.

In addition to the different types of fittings, there are also the different manufacturers and brands. Some manufacturers supply a complete product range and you are talking about more than 10,000 articles in all kinds of finishes per brand. It is impossible to show everything on our website. We have therefore made a selection of the most common products and divided them into the different groups.