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Suction lifters consist of one or more suction cups, a vacuum system and a handle. We distinguish between the "pump system" and the "lever system". With the pump system you pump the air from between the suction cup and the glass, creating a vacuum and keeping the suction lifter attached to the glass. With the lever system you remove the air by folding the lever down. Both systems work fine.

You have glass suction lifters for different applications. There are glass suction lifters to lift straight and flat glass. But there are also glass suction lifters that remain on curved glass. These have a different type of suction cup but work the same.

In addition, there are also suction cups that help you to pull two panes together. Place a suction cup on each window and then turn the handle to slowly pull the windows towards each other. Ideal if you have to place a glass wall in, for example, an office and where the windows are connected to each other with a strip or special double-sided transparent tape.

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