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Glass floor panels are specially composed glass that you can use as a glass see-through floor. This allows you to get natural light in the basement, for example, or rooms that do not have windows can be lit from the floor above.

Glass floor panels are available in different compositions and types of glass. the spans (width and length) play a particularly important role. Glass panels are available from 25 mm thick (62.5 kg per m2) and can be made up to 49 mm thick and weigh no less than 122.5 kg per m2. You can limit the size of the glass by limiting the opening in terms of free span. And then you can work with a thinner glass composition.

Best is to let a technical engineer calculate the correct glass thickness. There is also a table, but it can only be used as an indication and at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible if you only choose the type of glass based on this table.

We will add the table and the glass types to the website later. For now you can use our contact form to request a quote.

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