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Vacuum glass is extremely thin and highly insulating glass; its thermal insulation value is better than triple glazing, and its soundproofing is comparable to triple glazing. And all this while this glass is only 8 or 10 mm thick. It consists of two tempered or semi-tempered glass panes sealed at the edges. The space between the panels is a vacuum to minimize the conduction of heat and sound transfer. Microspacers are placed between the glass; small spacers that ensure a constant distance between the glass panes. The vacuum glass supplied by GlasBoertje is from the brand LandVac. This glass has the fewest microspacers between the glass compared to other vacuum glass brands.

Vacuum glass is the thinnest type of highly insulating glass available on the market. Because it is very thin, it is ideal for renovation of old buildings, especially monuments, where it is not possible to change the window and door frames.

This type of glass is eligible for the subsidy scheme. Read more about the conditions and obligations to qualify for this scheme on the website of the Dutch government. The application code for the type of glass we supply is: KA20115

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What is vacuum glass?

Vacuum glass is a highly insulating type of glass consisting of two tempered glass panes with a thin vacuum gap. The vacuum minimizes both heat and sound transfer to the utmost minimum, effectively keeping cold and noise outside.

One of the panes has a Low-E coating on the glass, reflecting heat from the interior back into the home. This prevents heat from escaping the home through the glass.

This glass is a technological marvel that even surpasses the thermal insulation of triple glazing. And all of this with a glass thickness of only 8 or 10 mm, making it suitable for almost any window frame, including those in old and historic buildings.


Key features and benefits of vacuum glass:

  • Thermal insulation: Vacuum glass provides excellent ...
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