Mirror profile

Buy mirror profiles for a mirror wall

A mirror profile is preferably used for mounting a mirror wall for a home gym, gym or dance / ballet studio. With this you can realize a beautiful and large mirror wall with a sleek appearance. And the big advantage of a mirror profile is that you can easily remove or move the mirrors later if necessary.

In a mirror profile you use a 6 mm mirror with safety foil. Other mirrors are not suitable for this profile.

You can easily screw the profile onto the wall; one profile at the bottom and one profile at the top. Then insert the profile diagonally into the top profile and lower the mirror into the bottom profile. In the bottom profile are wooden filling blocks on which the mirror rests. This keeps the mirror in the top profile and does not drop out. The space between the wall and mirror is approx. 4 mm. We supply rolls of glass tape for this. You can stick this glass tape behind the mirror so that the mirror gets more strength and does not bend if you lean or push against it.


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