Mirror profile aluminum 5 meters

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Mirror profile, suitable for 6 mm safety mirror

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Buy a mirror profile aluminum (5 meters)

You use a mirror profile for mounting larger mirrors and mirror walls for eg a gym, home gym, ballet studio, etc. When mounting in a mirror profile, you always choose the 6 mm mirrors with safety foil on the back.

You screw the profiles onto the wall at the correct distance and place spacers in the bottom profile (included). Insert the mirror diagonally into the top profile and then lower it into the bottom profile. Now the mirror is on the blocks and stays in the top profile. The space between mirror and wall is approx. 4 mm and can be filled with the supplied glazing tape. We add these enough. Of course you apply this tape to the back of the mirror before placing it in the profile. Preferably apply vertical strips, every approx. 30 - 40 cm.

The profile is supplied in 1 length of 5 meters and you can easily cut it to size yourself with a hacksaw. Since you need a profile above and below, you have to calculate yourself how many profiles you need to order. For example, if you want to make a mirror wall of 4 meters wide, you need 2 profiles of 5 meters, which you cut to size at 4 meters in length. Unfortunately, we cannot cut these profiles for you, which is something you have to do yourself.


Main features of mirror profile aluminum (5 meters):

tick-marks  Aluminium mirror profile, in lengths of 5 meters
tick-marks  For mirrors of 6 mm thickness with safety foil on the back
tick-marks  Use a total of 24 mm (of the tight size) in front of the mirror so that the mirror fits well into the profile
tick-marks  Mount 1 strip on the top and 1 on the bottom. Insert the mirror diagonally into the top profile and tilt the mirror at the bottom against the wall. Then lower the mirror into the lower profile.
tick-marks  Includes 4 end caps; 2x left and 2x right, 4 wooden blocks for the bottom of the profile, 1 roll of glazing tape of 9x4 mm ((more end caps, blocks and tape can be ordered separately)
tick-marks  Finish: aluminium
tick-marks  Outsize : 35 x 13 x 20 mm
tick-marks  To order per piece, the listed price is a price per piece!


This mirror profile comes with:

tick-marks  Packed in plastic
tick-marks  Includes 4 end caps (2 left, 2 right)
tick-marks  Includes 4 wooden blocks
tick-marks  Includes 1 roll of glazing tape (9x4 mm) 20 meters


Points of attention for the mirror profile:

tick-marks  Pay attention to the correct placement of the two profiles; the distance between the profiles is equal to the mirror height + 24 mm. Measured from the top above the profile and the bottom below the profile (external dimension). If your mirror is 2000 mm high, then you place the profiles at 2000 + 24 = 2024 mm apart (202.4 cm)
tick-marks  Place the profiles on a solid and above all flat surface / wall
tick-marks  When ordering the mirror wall, make sure that you order sufficient glass tape and blocks if necessary.
tick-marks  You will have to saw the profile yourself
tick-marks  You will also have to make the drill holes in the profile yourself

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Art. no.207800
Suitable types of glassmirror 6 mm with safety foil
Glass thickness in mm6
Finishinganodized aluminum
Scope of supplyper 1 piece
Unit of measurementper set
Packed in aunpackaged
Warranty2 years
Expected delivery time1-3 working days
Shipping price Netherlands11,50
Shipping price Belgium14,00
Shipping price rest of EuropeThis product can only be sent to NL and BE
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