Tempered glass

Tempered glass

You can order tempered glass on our website. Tempered glass is also known as construction glass, tempered glass or sekurit glass. This glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than unhardened glass. This makes it suitable for, for example, shelves, (shower) doors, (shower) walls, wall coverings, furniture doors, etc. etc. This glass is sensitive to point load and will burst into 10,000 pieces if broken.

Tempered glass is made from unhardened glass. First, the glass plate is completely made to measure, including holes, edge finishing, etc. Then it is heated and forced to cool. This creates push and pull stresses in the glass that give it its strength. After hardening you can no longer adjust the glass. You can still paint it but can no longer make it smaller, no drilling holes or other operations. Then you break the tensions in the glass and it will relax, resulting in a glass breakage. Therefore measure everything carefully before you order. After the tempering process nothing can be adjusted anymore.

Tempered glass is therefore not in stock in standard plates. You cannot cut and change the size. Logically, this also ensures a slightly longer delivery time than unhardened glass. This is because an extra manufacturing step is required and this takes some extra production time.


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