Flamea+ showerdoor hinge 8133 (wall-glass) 180°, chrome

Suitable for 6, 8 and 10 mm glass thickness, Zamac, polished chrome, capacity 2 hinges: max. 45 kg

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This shower hinge from Pauli+Sohn is a quality product from Germany and comes from the Flamea+ series. The "plus" means that this series can also support somewhat larger and heavier doors. This series is the "big brother" of the normal Flamea series.

The sleek design of this relatively small hinge ensures a sleek and modern shower door. This gives your shower door a neutral and as "light" as possible appearance.

This hinge is sold per piece and the mentioned price is a 1 piece price. However, the specifications listed are based on the use of two hinges.


Features Pauli+Sohn Flamea+ showerdoor hinge 8133 ZN5, wall-glass, 180°, chrome:

  • Showerdoor hinge for mounting a glass shower door on a wall, mounting at 90 degrees
  • Double acting; Rotates 90 degrees inwards and 90 degrees outwards (total 180 degrees)
  • Adjustable zero position; self-closing in the last centimetres towards the zero position
  • Mounting plate equipped with two slotted holes and two fixation holes for optimal set possibility (including cover)
  • Material Zamak, chrome finish
  • Suitable for glass thickness: 6, 8 and 10 mm (we recommend using 8 mm for a shower door)
  • Maximum door weight: 45 kg (with two hinges)
  • Max. size showerdoor with 6 and 8 mm glass: 1000 x 2000 mm
  • Max. size showerdoor with 10 mm glass: 900 x 2000 mm
  • Pay attention! The cut-out as seen in the image is based on 8 mm glass thickness
  • To be bought per piece, the mentioned price is the price for 1 piece! And not for the pair!


Pauli+Sohn Flamea+ showerdoor hinge 8133 ZN5, wall-glass, 180°, chrome comes with:

  • One showerdoor hinge
  • Four socket flat head screws for clamping the glass door to the hinge
  • One cover plate to place over the wall mounting screws
  • Two cover plates to place over the clamping screws
  • Ten silicone stickers to secure the cover plates
  • One Allen key for adjusting the zero position
  • Assembly gaskets that correspond to the glass thickness you specified
  • Mounting instructions


Points of attention:

  • Make sure you use the correct glass deduction when ordering the glass door. For example, if you install a sealing profile, you need a different glass deduction than if you are going to install a door without a seal. Please ask us for advice if you don't know what to do
  • Read the mounting manual in advance. It contains useful tips
  • Two hinges are always used for a showerdoor up to a height of 2000 mm (200 cm). If the door is higher than 2000 mm, three hinges are required. You then get a better load-bearing capacity and the pressure when opening / closing the door is better
  • Distributed over three hinges
  • Use the correct wall mounting screws and plugs for your situation. Because of various situations the screws and plugs do NOT come with the hinge by default. Choose the correct mounting materials for your situation!
  • Wall mounting screws that are too small can break the hinge. Pay attention to this!!
  • Work with precision, take your time, use the right tools and ask someone to help you when you need to move and mount the glass door
  • Preferably use a long water level or a laser water level to properly position the glass panel
  • Make sure the floor and wall are level. If these are not level, this can result in a crooked gap between the glass and the wall/floor. You than may have to order the glass in a different shape to fit correctly
  • NEVER let the glass rest on the floor, always place something in between such as a wooden slat, blanket, rug, etc. If glass is placed on a hard surface, the risk of damage is very high. This also applies to contact with the wall and other hard surfaces. Protect the glass at all times, it is and remains a vulnerable product
  • ALWAYS use the correct Personal Protection Equipment when you move and/or install the glass
More information
Art. no. 200208
Brand Pauli + Sohn
Series Flamea +
Mounting of ... to .... Glass door to normal wall (non-glas wall)
Degrees 180 °
Suitable types of glass installation glass (tempered glass incl. 5 holes and edge finishing)
Glass thickness in mm 6, 8, 10
Adjustable zero position Yes
Capacity of 2 pieces (KG) 45
Max. size showerdoor with 8 mm glass 1000 x 2000 mm (w x h)
Max. size showerdoor with 10 mm glass 900 x 2000 mm (w x h)
Style square
Material Zamak
Finishing glossy chrome
Expected delivery time 7 - 10 working days
Scope of supply per 1 piece
Unit of measurement per piece
Packaging box
Warranty 3 years
Shipping price Netherlands 13,50
Shipping price Belgium 17,50
Shipping price rest of Europe See the check-out page for actual pricing
Pick-up possible? Yes, Pick-up is possible in:, Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant), 's-Hertogenbosch
Website manufacturer Pauli+Sohn
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