Packaging of the products

Custom-made glass and mirrors packed. Or unpacked?

It is not usual in the glass industry to package customized glass and mirrors. That may sound a little crazy, but it makes sense to us. Let's start with the transportation; Because all the glass and mirrors are transported with special glass carriers, packaging is not necessary. It is even easier to put glass and mirrors on a car without packaging and to secure. Glass corks are always placed between the glass so that the glass is never against each other but there is always a gap. And the floor or shelf on which the glass and mirrors are put is made of soft rubber. No more packaging is needed for the transport of customized glass and mirrors if it is delivered with special glass transport.

When everything should be packed, you can have the problem that there are sometimes forms that are difficult to pack, or sizes that are too large to pack. And if you were to pack everything (which is not necessary at all) then you would have a lot of unnecessary costs for the packaging material and the working hours. You also burden the environment because packaging is really unnecessary for transport.

If something goes wrong during glass transport (glass is a fragile product and an accident is in a small corner) then you must state this neatly to the driver when you receive the items and a new glass plate or mirror will be neatly and free of charge delivered. 


What if I still want packaging?

There are always reasons why you want to have your glass or mirror packed. Maybe you want to pick up the item and find packaging or comfortable for yourself. Or maybe you need to transport it further, store it for a while before you can use it or move it around the house. It is possible to have glass and mirrors packed. However, there are costs involved. Packaging and working hours must also be paid. Our sales prices are based on the unpackaged delivery of customized glass and mirrors. The costs for packaging can be found in the glass configurators. Order this directly with your order because once the order has gone into production, no changes can be made, not even the packaging of glass. And watch out! No glass is packed larger than 1000 x 2000 mm. Then the glass panels become too large and unmanageable if they were packed.


What about the non-glass items?

The standard items such as clips, mirror heaters, assembly sets, tools etc. etc. that are sent with a postal service are well packed in boxes with the necessary filling materials. This way, these products will arrive undamaged. 


What if you have questions about packaging?

Always contact us, we will gladly help you. You can contact us using the online chat, the telephone number on the website or our contactform.