Aluminum u-profile 30x20x30 mm, Stainless Steel look (max. 6 meter)

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Aluminum, stainless steel look finished, made to measure or can be ordered as a 6 meter profile


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Delivery: 1-3 working days

This U-profile of 30x20x30 mm in outer size has an inner size of 28 x 16 x 28 mm. The most ideal would fit a glass panel of 8 mm thickness. This leaves you 4 mm space on both sides of the glass to apply a sealant seam (16 mm width as inner size minus 8 mm thick glass leaves 8 mm space. You divide this 8 mm over 2 sides of the glass, and that is 4 mm space per side).

10 mm thick glass could also be put in, then this will mean a sealant of 3 mm per side. This is actually also ok. With 12 mm glass you only have 2 mm left per side and that is a little to less to apply sealant. For 15 mm glass you could first put the selant in the profile and then press the glass panel in it. The disadvantage is that you have to break everything if you ever remove the glass from the profile. 

You can use this profile indoors to mount glass. A common application for this profile is for glass walls and shower enclosures.


Main features of aluminum U-profile 30x20x30 mm Stainless Steel look finish:

tick-marks  Aluminum U-shaped profile
tick-marks  Stainless Steel look finish
tick-marks  Suitable for indoor use
tick-marks  Outer size is 30 x 20 x 30 mm
tick-marks  Inner size is 28 x 16 x 28 mm
tick-marks  Material thickness is 2 mm
tick-marks  Order custom made; please order the total amount in meters under "pieces", rounded upwards (i.e. when you need 220 cm in total, you order 3 pieces, as that is 3 meters where your piece has te be cut out). In the comment section of the check/out page you can let us know in what sizes you want the profile(s) to be cut
tick-marks  Maximum order length from 1 piece: 6 meters
tick-marks  When completing the order on the payment page, please indicate in which length(s) you want the profile(s) delivered
tick-marks  The mentioned price is a 1 meter price


The aluminum U-profile 30x20x30 mm Stainless Steel look finish is delivered:

tick-marks  Cut to size
tick-marks  According to specified requirements
tick-marks  At delivery address. Pick-up is also possible, the options are mentioned on the payment page


Points of attention:

tick-marks  The profile is usually delivered cut to the correct size or with a small over-length, so that you can saw it neatly to size in the work itself and finish the end side neatly
tick-marks  The ends are not finished when you receive them. You will have to finish it yourself by filing it smooth
tick-marks  With this profile no cover caps are available for the ends. You will have to seal it off or cut a cover from a piece of residual profile that you can mount on the end side
tick-marks  If you are going to place a glass panel in the profile, think carefully about the correct glass size. You will have to use a small glass deduction of at least approx. 2 - 4 mm (partly depending on the screw head that can protrude into the profile). If you apply the head in a recessed position, at least 2 mm is sufficient
tick-marks  Preferably you place a mounting gasket under the glass in the profile. You can also place this gasket on the side of the glass to properly position the glass pane in the profile before you seal it permanently. If you use this mounting gasket between the glass and the profile, take into account an extra glass deduction of at least 2 mm or 3 mm (depending on the thickness of the gasket used for it)

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Art. no.207708
Suitable types of glasslaminated glass, tempered glass
Glass thickness in mm6, 7, 8, 10, 6.38, 6.76, 8.38, 8.76, 9.52, 10.76
FinishingStainless Steel look
Scope of supplycustom size
Unit of measurementper meter
Packed in aschrink wrap
Warranty2 years
Expected delivery time1-3 working days
Shipping price Netherlands11,50
Shipping price Belgium14,00
Shipping price rest of EuropeThis product can only be sent to NL and BE
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