Order a custom-sized full-length mirror!

Order a custom full-length mirror!

You can easily customize and order a custom full-length mirror using our mirror configurator. You'll be guided through the customization process for your custom full-length mirror. Choose different models, enter desired dimensions, and select various types and thicknesses of mirrors. Then, customize it further by choosing edge and corner finishes. Our configurator assists you by displaying only products and combinations that can be technically combined.

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Order a custom full-length mirror

You can tailor a full-length mirror to your preferences! A full-length mirror is essentially a standard mirror that you can mount with mirror tape or adhesive. It's best to configure a standard 6mm thick mirror and choose mirror tape or mirror adhesive for mounting materials. This way, you can easily purchase a custom full-length mirror, whether it's a round full-length mirror or a rectangular full-length mirror.

In the online full-length mirror configurator, you can choose from different models, edge finishes, rounded corners, various mirror colors, and thickness. You can also choose your preferred mounting method.

Colored custom full-length mirrors

Various colored full-length mirrors are available. The most popular color is the standard silver mirror, known as "silvered mirrors." These have a normal silver layer on the back of regular clear glass, providing a clear and neutral reflection.

If you want your full-length mirror to be less noticeable, there are also colored mirrors available in bronze and gray, both in 4 or 6mm thickness. In these colored mirrors, the silver layer is on the back of tinted glass. The thicker the glass, the more pigment it contains. In other words, a 6mm thick gray mirror is darker than a 4mm thick mirror.

Safety custom full-length mirrors

In some cases, you may need more certainty and safety. For this, safety mirrors are available, which are mirrors with a safety film on the back.

We can supply mirrors in 4 and 6mm thickness with a safety film on the back. This film prevents glass shards from falling if the mirror were to break. However, with a safety film, you are somewhat limited in mounting options. For instance, you cannot use mirror tape on the safety film, as it does not adhere well. You can only mount these mirrors with mirror adhesive or mirror clamps.

How to order a custom full-length mirror?

Click on the "customize" button to configure your full-length mirror using the online configurator. It will guide you in making choices by showing compatible combinations of mirrors with mounting materials, etc. Combinations that cannot be made are automatically blocked, preventing errors. Once we receive the order, we always double-check to ensure the chosen combination is logical. This way, you'll never be surprised later. The delivery time depends on the type of mirror, processing, model, etc., but in most cases, the mirror can be delivered within 5-12 working days.

We keep you well informed while you await the delivery. You'll receive an email when the order goes into production, on the day of delivery, and two working days before delivery, you'll also receive a time estimate for delivery via email.

We have a dedicated page with more information about delivery and pickup of your order.

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