The mission and vision of

Excellent quality

We think it is very important to deliver products that meet your quality expectations! We therefore ensure that we only offer quality products. This difference is particularly visible in the finish of the glass and the brands of the door fittings. Excellent quality ensures a longer lifespan, fewer complaints and a satisfied feeling for you as a customer, especially on long terms


Good advice

Thanks to years of experience in the online sale of glass products, on-the-road experience as an account manager at one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world and good contacts at a few glass manufacturers, we can give you good advice. Giving good advice is at the start of every assignment or order and partly determines the achievement of your intended end result.


Right price

We keep a close eye on the market and do our best to always offer you a correct and suitable quotation. Our products are of high quality and we will sometimes seem more expensive than the competition. But if you compare apples with apples you will see that you are offered a fair price. This creates a good price / quality ratio and you can enjoy your purchase for many years.


Delivery reliability

We try to keep delivery times as short as possible and when we provide a definitive delivery date, you can assume that we will also deliver on that day. The delivery time for custom glass and mirrors is generally approx. 7-10 working days and for custom shower doors approx. 10-15 working days (this will be somewhat longer during the holidays in December and the summer holidays). We will always do our best to deliver the products to your home within these times. To remain transparent in our delivery times, you can find these with the products on the website.


Good service

Before, during and after your purchase, you can count on good support and an answer to all questions you have. We are happy to help you! And to show that we take this very seriously, we are affiliated with Webshop Keurmerk (quality mark for web shops). We also give our customers the opportunity to leave a review on review site Kiyoh. Your experience and feedback help us gain insight into where we can adjust our services and services. This allows us to serve you even better next time. Your feedback also ensures that our other customers gain an independent and honest insight into our working method.