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Delivery time customized glass and mirrors

Customized glass and mirrors are more than just "just prepare your order for shipment". From the moment you place your order and untill it is finally delivered to you, there are many steps to take. We have written a separate BLOG item about this: "Levertijd maatwerk glas en spiegels". There you get more insight into the order processing, production and delivery time of your order. Then you will see that there is much more involved than "just prepare your order for shipment".

On this page we will limit ourselves to the practical information; "how long does it take from the moment that I can receive my order". The indicative delivery times are stated in all products. Click for the production / delivery time on the "information" button of the product. In the configurator you can click on the "quick view" button. For custom-made products, this stated delivery time applies to the models chosen on the website that has an unfinsihed or polished edge. When extra requirements are needed such as a bevelled edge, the delivery time can take longer. In addition, we are dealing with fixed delivery moments which have an influence on the delivery time. Also possible closures of factories in the periods around the holidays and the construction holidays have influence on the delivery and production times. That is why we talk about "working days" and "working weeks" in our delivery periods. These are the days that factories are open and routes can be driven.

Overall you can maintain these production / delivery times for your customized glass and mirrors:

  • single pane floatglass: 5 till 10 workdays

  • coloured floatglass: 5 till 10 workdays

  • laqcuered floatglass: 10 tot 15 workdays

  • tempered glass: 10 till 15 workdays

  • standard and coloured mirrors 4 and 6 mm: 7 till 10 workdays

  • special mirrors (double-sided, one-way, mirror 8 mm, safetyfoil added): 10 till 15 workdays. Safety foiled mirrors with bevelled edges: 3 till 5 weeks

  • laminated glass: 5 till 15 workdays

  • tempered-laminated glass: 15 till 20 workdays

  • figured glas: 5 till 15 workdays

  • tempered laqcuered floatglass: 15 till 20 workdays


What is the delivery time for the non-customized products?

In the products we have an indication of the delivery times. Sometimes it happens that products are unexpectedly insufficiently stocked and then the delivery time may increase. We always try to prevent this as much as possible, but unfortunately it sometimes fails. When you need a product urgently then it is best to contact us so that we can check the current stock for you. 


What if you have questions about delivery times?

Then always contact us, we will gladly help you. This is possible via the online chat, the telephone number on the website or with our contactpage.