Can come and measure or do the installation?

Does have an installation team?

No, GlasBoertje does not have an installation team. Measuring and/or mounting glass and mirrors is therefore not one of our possibilities. You will therefore have to do or organize the measuring and mounting of glass and mirrors by yourself. When we receive a good drawing of the tight dimensions or of the opening in which the glass must be placed, we can calculate the correct dimensions for you so that everything fits neatly.


Why does does not provide installation service?

We are an online webshop where everyone can order glass, mirrors and related items in a simple way and have them delivered. With about 20 years of online experience, we have become quite good at this and we can help you with this. When measuring and installing, you will need technicians who must be able to drive all over the Netherlands to be able to measure and assemble. If we have to let a technician drive from 's-Hertogenbosch to Amsterdam to measure a shower wall, then it will cost about 2.5 hours of travel time, fuel for the car and then the time of measuring. The cost of measuring a shower enclosure then quickly comes up to to € 250 to € 300. The installation quickly costs around € 500,-. Then you are at € 750 to € 800 for measuring and mounting. That's not interesting at all. It is better to ask a local DIY company or your contractor to measure and install it for you. And if you're a little handy, you can measure and assemble it yourself.


Why do other companies provide installation service?

Most other glass webshops are originally glass-setting companies that have expanded their activities over time with a webshop. They also have enough installation work for projects and their own sales for their non-webshop customers. Due to the presence of their own technicians, they can also offer this service to their webshop customers. That is of course nice if you can't organize anything yourself, but keep in mind that these costs will be quite high if you have this installed by your glass company. There are online providers who charge almost 500 euros for the installation of a single shower door. That is 2 hinges, or a total of 4 to 6 drill holes in the wall.... for € 500,-... ??

If you still want to have it installed by a glass company: Find out whether the rates that they offer are correct and whether they will indeed drive 150 km to come and measure for € 125. And what the service conditions are if maintenance/service is required on a shower door. And what happens if the measure is not accurate, the glass is damaged during installation or the house/bathroom is damaged during installation. These are just some tips to keep in mind.