System 70

Discover our versatile glass partition system "System 70." This complete system is ideal for creating modern and functional spaces, both in commercial environments and at home. With "System 70," you can effortlessly install glass partitions in offices, shops, and other spaces. The convenient click profiles and U-profiles make the installation of glass panels quick and easy. This system comes with high-quality mounting materials, ensuring a sturdy and stable construction. The combination of functionality and aesthetics makes this system an excellent choice. You have the option to choose from various finishes, including Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel Effect, Matte Black Ral 9005, and Black Textured Ral 9005. This allows you to perfectly match the system to your interior and design preferences. With "System 70," you give your spaces a contemporary look and make the most of the available light. It is a durable and modern solution for partitioning spaces in a flexible and aesthetically appealing way.