The origin of

Where does originate?

Since June 2004, we have been active in the online sale of custom mirrors and glass through the website This made us the first online webshop in the Netherlands to sell custom glass products. We can now call ourselves the expert in this field with over 16 years of experience. Due to the increasing demand for other custom glass products, we have expanded our range. Because the name Spiegelpaleis does not give the impression of offering a full glass range, we started a new website in early 2017 that does cover this:


How did ever start?

At the beginning of 2004, we started the online sale of custom mirrors and associated mounting materials. At the time, the internet was on the rise, but online shopping was still in its infancy. The first sales activities were therefore conducted through a marketplace and a listing on and were very local in nature. The first website came online after a few months. This was very simple with just a few products and a simple contact form.

In the course of 2004 the first website was created for custom glass articles and with a shopping basket system. Really unique, we were the first in the Netherlands with such a site, completely tailor-made! How proud we were! At the beginning of 2005 the site was redesigned, more professional appearance, larger range. This site was maintained until January 2009 but then really had to be replaced. The technology and design were outdated.

At the beginning of February 2009 it was time for a new website. Again completely customized, made by two young guys who knew their business and put together a nice website for us. This is the website how it is currently still online and has now been around for about eight years and is now also due for renewal. For the time being, we have chosen to continue only with the website.

If you want to take a look at the old websites and time lapse, take a look at:*/