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Order laminated glass!

You can easily order laminated glass via our configurator; this will help you put together your custom laminated glass. You can enter the desired dimensions, choose different shapes and types of laminated glass. You can then compose it further by selecting the desired edge and corner finish. And all this at a fair and affordable price and arranged in just 1 minute! This makes it very easy to buy laminated glass.

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Order custom laminated glass

There are many different compositions of laminated glass available, different types and thicknesses of foils and thickness of glass types. The PVB foil between the glass plates can be clear or matte (milky white). To make it easy for you, we have made a selection of the most commonly used types of laminated glass. You will find these types of glass in both the configurator and the laminated glass assortment page.

In the laminated glass configurator you can choose different models, edge finishes, rounded corners and different glass thicknesses.

Laminated glass matt foil, made to measure

Laminated glass is also available with a matte foil. This foil is milky white in color and is opaque. Light comes through the foil, but you can't see what's on the other side of the glass plate. Laminated glass with a frosted foil resembles frosted glass. This is also often referred to as frosted laminated glass.

Laminated glass with matte foil is often used in situations where you want light in a room but no transparency. Think of an interior door, partition walls in an office, conservatory glazing, windbreak or separation between neighbors on a balcony.

Laminated glass for a roof

The foil in the laminated glass ensures that the glass remains attached to the foil in the event of breakage, there is no opening in the glass and no glass falls down. That is very safe if you want to use this glass as roof glazing for a conservatory, canopy or skylight.

Determining the required glass thickness for roof glazing is not that easy. You have to deal with all kinds of variables such as: what is the size, what is the span, on how many sides is the glass supported, what is the angle of inclination, what is the wind direction the glass faces, is it a public building or private etc. etc. For the right advice you should actually have a glass thickness calculation made by, for example, a calculation agency. Unfortunately we cannot make this calculation for you, that is something you would have to organize yourself.

How does ordering custom laminated glass work?

Click on the "assemble" button to put together your laminated glass via the online configurator. There you can choose different models, glass types and edge finishes. The delivery time depends on the chosen glass type and processing. but you can assume that in most cases laminated glass can be delivered within 7 - 15 working days.

We will keep you well informed while you are awaiting delivery, you will receive an email when the order has gone into production, on which day the delivery will take place and two working days before delivery you will also receive a time indication of the delivery by mail.

We have a special page with more information about delivery and pick up of your order.

I would like to know more about custom laminated glass! What now ?

Below we have listed a number of "frequently asked questions" that provide answers to matters that are specifically aimed at this product group. For your convenience, we have also put down some frequently asked questions about general matters, such as packaging, delivery time and delivery costs. And are you still missing answers to your questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us! You can do this with the chat function at the bottom right of the screen, our contact form or give us a call on 073 - 822 38 66.

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