Fair Price Guarantee at GlasBoertje.nl

What is a "Fair Price Policy"?

Very simple; roughly translated, this is a "fair price policy". And this applies to everything we have in our product range. We like to be fair and clear in our prices, promotions, packaging costs, transport etc. etc. We do not charge costs that are not there and the price we ask for our products is a realistic and fair price for both you as a customer as for us as a company. You expect to be able to find everything in the glass categories at GlasBoertje.nl, a complete and clear website, excellent products, good advice and service, warranty, fast delivery time and a neat and correct delivery. And that at a price that is in proportion to this. We can arrange all that for you. This is also in direct line with our vision and mission. You don't buy a cheese sandwich at the gas station, but a sustainable product that you still want to enjoy years later. The prices we charge for our products are therefore based on this. We would like to be there for you in the future and continue to offer good advice and service.

What does this mean for you?

Groen vinkje  fair prices
Groen vinkje  clear calculations
Groen vinkje  no hidden costs
Groen vinkje  no unnecessary or nonsense costs
Groen vinkje  promotional price = really a promotional price
Groen vinkje  useful promotions


And here a brief explanation

We apply a number of basic principles that contribute to our Fair Price Policy:

  • Our price calculations are 100% fair; "what you see is what you get!" No hidden costs, no deception and no slogans like:
    • "free transport" if these are sneaky calculated in the productpricing;
    • "free delivery" but charge an administration fee instead;
    • no misleading VAT calculations; such as using some prices excluding VAT, while the entire site contains prices incl. VAT
    • or other similar misleading jokes;
  • We use realistic sales prices, taking into account the market prices and the desired service and advice level that you can expect with these products
  • A promotion is really a promotion, it has a start and end date, with a special promotion price. We also mention the period in the product during the promotional period
  • Actions are set up as broad and complete as possible, so that you can order different products within the same series at a special price
  • Bulk promotions (price from ... pieces) are useful and logically set up (for example: hinges are used per two pieces, a bulk offer from 5 pieces is not logical)
  • The transport and packaging costs that we charge are the actual costs, nothing is earned from this
  • Transport always costs money, for any company. And to deliver custom glass, those costs are always a lot higher than the delivery by a parcel service such as TNT, DHL, GLS, etc. Always compare prices at the bottom of the line so that you compare apples with apples.
    Free transport is really free with us! This is a discount that we give you. And these costs have not been disguised as part of product prices or administration costs, etc. Nor vice versa. Free transport applies to us with an order from € 400.
  • We offer glass packaging as an extra option. This means there is no unnecessary packaging and the packaging costs are charged to those who really need / need it. No packaging is required for transport