P+S Pontere 8406 showerdoor hinge (wall-glass), chrome

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Suitable for 8 and 10 mm glass thickness, Zamac, polished chrome, capacity 2 hinges: max. 50 kg

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per piece
Delivery: 1-3 working days

This showerdoor hinge from Pauli + Sohn is a quality product from Germany and comes from the Pontere series. This series is very complete and has a suitable glass hinge for almost every situation. The Pontere series is suitable for larger and heavier shower doors.

This hinge is sold per piece and the mentioned price is a 1 piece price. However, the specifications listed are based on the use of two hinges. Also logical because a door with 1 hinge would not work.


Main features Pauli + Sohn Pontere 8406MS7 showerdoor hinge (wall-glass) chrome:

tick-marks  Showerdoor hinge for mounting a glass shower door on a fixed wall, mounting at 90 degrees
tick-marks  Double acting; Rotates 90 degrees inward and 90 degrees outward (total 180 degrees)
tick-marks  Adjustable zero position; self-closing in the last centimeters towards the zero position
tick-marks  Mounting plate equipped with two slotted holes and one fixation hole for optimal set possibility (including cover)
tick-marks  Zamak material, chrome finish
tick-marks  Suitable for glass thickness: 8 and 10 mm (we recommend using 8 mm for a shower door)
tick-marks  Max. size showerdoor with 6 and 8 mm glass: 1000 x 2000 mm
tick-marks  Max. size showerdoor with 10 mm glass: 1000 x 2000 mm
tick-marks  Pay attention! The cut-out as seen in the image is based on 8 mm glass thickness
tick-marks  To be bought per piece, the mentioned price is the price for 1 piece! And not for the pair!


Pauli + Sohn Flamea 8406MS7 showerdoor hinge (wall-glass) chrome comes with:

tick-marks  One showerdoor hinge, finishing polished chrome
tick-marks  Two socket head screws for clamping the glass door to the hinge
tick-marks  One cover plate to place over the mounting screws
tick-marks  Two silicone stickers to secure the two cover plates
tick-marks  One Allen key for adjusting the zero position
tick-marks  Assembly gaskets that correspond to the glass thickness you specified
tick-marks  Mounting instructions


Points of attention:

tick-marks  Make sure you use the correct glass deduction when ordering the glass door. For example, if you install a sealing profile, you need a different glass deduction than if you are going to install a door without a seal. If you cannot find a solution, ask us for advice
tick-marks  Read the mounting manual in advance. It contains useful tips
tick-marks  Two hinges are always used for a showerdoor up to a height of 2000 mm (200 cm). If the door is higher then 2000 mm, three hinges are required. You then get a better load-bearing capacity and the pressure when opening / closing the door is better distributed over three hinges
tick-marks  Use the correct wall mounting screws and plugs for your situation. Because of various situations the screws do NOT come with the hinge by default. Choose the correct mounting materials for your situation!
tick-marks  Wall mounting screws that are too small can break the hinge. Pay attention to this!!
tick-marks  Mount the hinge on the glass door, position the glass door in the correct position and draw the drill holes of the slotted holes on the wall. Now remove the glass door, drill the holes of the slotted holes and place the correct plugs. 
tick-marks  Put the glass door back in the correct position again and screw the wall mounting screws on the wall, position the door (read manual!) and then tighten the wall mounting screws
tick-marks  Finally, drill the hole for the fixation hole. This is to fixate the hing in the definite position
tick-marks  Set the zero position correctly (see also manual)
tick-marks  Work with precision, take your time, use the right tools and ask someone to help you when you need to move and mount the glass door
tick-marks  Preferably use a long water level or a laser water level to properly position the glass panel
tick-marks  NEVER let the glass door rest on the floor, always place something in between it such as a wooden slat, blanket etc. If glass is put on a hard surface, the risk of damage is very high. This also applies to any contact with the wall and other hard surfaces. Protect the glass at all times, it's a vulnerable material !

More Information
Art. no.200303
BrandPauli + Sohn
Mounting of ... to ....Glass door to normal wall (non-glas wall)
Degrees90 °
Suitable types of glassinstallation glass (tempered glass incl. 5 holes and edge finishing)
Glass thickness in mm8, 10
Adjustable zero positionYes
Capacity of 2 pieces (KG)50
Max. size showerdoor with 8 mm glass1000 x 2000 mm (w x h)
Max. size showerdoor with 10 mm glass1000 x 2000 mm (w x h)
Finishingglossy chrome
Expected delivery time1-3 working days
Scope of supplyper 1 piece
Unit of measurementper piece
Packed in abox
Warranty3 years
Shipping price Netherlands11,50
Shipping price Belgium14,00
Shipping price rest of EuropeSee the check-out page for actual pricing
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