Clean-X starter package invisible shield

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cleans and protects weathered or stained glass, porcelain, ceramics and other hard surfaces

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With this starter pack from Clean-X you have the cleaning supplies at home to clean weathered or stained glass without damaging the surface and protecting it with a Nano coating.

The cleaning paste can be used for cleaning glass, porcelain, ceramic and other hard surfaces, among other things. Work in the paste by rubbing the surface with a damp cloth or sponge with a strong, overlapping motion until the dirt softens. Then rinse with water and dry. If necessary, reapply until the surface is beautifully clean.

You apply the Invisible Shield anti-scale coating with a microfiber cloth. Apply the Invisible Shield on the cloth and work it into the surface with a circular motion. As soon as a white veil is created you can polish it off with a clean dry cloth. The coating was then applied properly.

With the glass cleaner concentrate you can make up to 20 liters of glass cleaner. Mix this concentrate with water and put it in a spray bottle. Ideal for streak-free cleaning of glass and other surfaces.


These are the most important features of the Clean-X starter package:

tick-marks  Total package for cleaning, protecting and maintaining your glass and mirrors
tick-marks  Cleaning paste: Cleans glass, porcelain, ceramic and other hard surfaces, for cleaning cement scraps, limescale deposits, industrial pollution, splashing water, etc.
tick-marks  Invisible Shield: Surface protector on nano technology that ensures a very thin polymer coating, for a long-term protection of glass, mirrors, etc. against dirt, water and limescale
tick-marks  Glass cleaner concentrate 300 ml: Dilute up to 20 liters of sprayable glass cleaner with water (7.5 ml concentrate on 500 ml water), provides a cleaning and shiny effect without leaving streaks or smudges


This starter set Clean-X Invisible Shield comes with:

tick-marks  One bottle of glass cleaner concentrate 300 ml
tick-marks  One bottle of cleaning paste 300 ml
tick-marks  One bottle of Invisible Shield anti-lime coating 300 ml
tick-marks  Instructions for use on the back of the bottles


Points of attention:

tick-marks  Contamination on glass is often persistent. You will have to rub in the cleaning paste well and you may have to repeat the process a few times to get all the dirt off
tick-marks  You will have to purchase a spray bottle yourself to be able to put the glass cleaner in (or you use an old spray bottle from your current glass cleaner for this)
tick-marks  Before applying the Invisible Shiel coating, thoroughly clean the glass so that the coating is applied to a clean surface
tick-marks  Ventilate the room as well as possible during application of the coating
tick-marks  When applying, make sure that you do not spill it on a shower tray or other material, for example
tick-marks  Do not clean the treated door with cleaning agents, you run the risk of quickly polishing off the coating so that lime can attach to the glass again. Preferably use a trigger to dry the door and / or wall if necessary. Or a soft cloth.
tick-marks  The coating is very thin and volatile. It may be that the bottle feels light when you receive it but the content is correct (300 ml). The liquid weighs less than water, which makes you think that the bottle is half full

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